Monday, September 21, 2009

No he podido evitarlo... / I couldn't stop it

(Thanks Madam Scissors!)
The Last Poem, Sophie Auster
I have dreamed of you so much
You are no longer real.
Is there still time for me to touch
Your breathing body,
To kiss your mouth
And make your voice come alive again?
I have dreamed of you so much
There's no more time for me to wake up.
I have dreamed of you so much,
Have walked so much, talked so much,
Slept so much with your phantom,
The only thing left for me
Is to become a phantom among phantoms,
A shadow a hundred times more shadow
Than the shadow that moves and goes on moving,
Brightly, over the sundial of your life.
Lyrics: Robert Desnos (Editions Gallmard). English version: Paul Auster. Vocals: Sophie Auster. Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vibraphone, piano, Hammond B-3, claviola, and backing vocals: Joshua Camp and Michael Hearst. Trumpet: Hank Bones.

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Anonymous said...

Remember: Dreams may come true...
Madam Scissors